This is a blog analyzing topics including, but not limited to,  pornography, prostitution, and sexism in the media. It features in-depth critiques as well as compilations of anecdotes on various types of misogyny. There will be graphic descriptions of sexual acts that some may find disturbing. The entire site has a trigger warning, but I will still include one at the beginning of posts when necessary, as a reminder. Comments from gay, bisexual, and heterosexual men who would like to speak of sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of men and how this changed their understanding of patriarchy are welcome, but do not expect these to take precedence over women’s experiences. This is a feminist space, and the female perspective is the most important here..

This is NOT a place where it is okay to turn discussions about the oppression of women into discussions about the oppression of men. “Debate” tactics such as, “but men also have problems” and “that’s a generalization” are not welcome. Refute the point or don’t, but do not skirt around the issue. (That goes for everyone, women included)

All women are invited to share their opinions, but if you are a man, you should have an understanding of the basics of feminism before you participate. Finally Feminism 101, which you can find in a link to on the right, would be a fantastic place to start. Most of your questions about feminist terminology and concepts will be answered there and it will save everyone involved a lot of effort if you take the time to go through that site.

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  • stoppartriarchy.tumblr.com

    If you’re in the NY-area, would be great to see you on Sunday: planning meeting — to commemorate International Women’s Day in March, we’re taking to the streets for a day of action:

    End Pornography & Patriarchy; the Enslavement and Degradation of Women!
    Women are not sex objects…women are not breeders…women are human beings!

    March 10 – Times Square – Time and place – TBA
    Sunday, Jan. 29 at 4:00 pm- Planning Meeting!

    at Revolution Books
    146 West 26th Street (btw 6-7th Aves).
    Come this Sunday – your ideas & participation are needed!

    contact: stoppatriarchy@gmail.com

    Call to Action:
    End Pornography & Patriarchy; the Enslavement and Degradation of Women!

    We are told that “equality for women has been won” and that “there are no limits to what girls can achieve.” BULLSHIT!

    Every 15 seconds a woman is beaten. Every day three to four women are killed by their partners. One out of four female college students will be raped or sexually assaulted while in college.

    In recent years, pornography has become increasingly violent, cruel, degrading towards women; women are referred to as “cumdumpsters” and “fuckbuckets”; the “money shot” (ejaculation in a woman’s face) is standard; humiliating cruelty-like violent “ass-to-mouth” penetration-is normalized, and racist bigotry is sexualized. Meanwhile, the broader culture has been pornified: pole dancing is taught at gyms, “sexting” is a national phenomenon among teens, and the strip club is the accepted backdrop to male bonding. All this is tied in with, and reinforces, the trafficking of millions of women and girls as literal chattel in the international sex industry.

    This is NOT society becoming more comfortable with sex. This is society becoming saturated with the sexualized degradation of women. If you can’t imagine sex without porn, you’re fucked.

    At the same time, a Christian fundamentalist-driven assault is imperiling abortion, birth control, real sex education, and women’s lives. Doctors are killed. Women who seek abortion (a safe, necessary, and perfectly moral medical procedure)-or even birth control-are stigmatized. 2011 saw the largest spate of legal restrictions on abortion since Roe v. Wade in 1973. Women who are not virgins or who do not choose to become mothers are shamed. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people who do not conform to traditional patriarchal gender and sexual norms are demonized and condemned.

    Women are not objects. Women are not things to be used for the sexual pleasure of men NOR are they breeders of children. WOMEN ARE HUMAN BEINGS CAPABLE OF FULL EQUALITY IN EVERY REALM!

    It is long past time that this new generation stand up, reject, and RESIST this culture of rape and pornography; this culture that labels women “selfish” if they choose not to become mothers and stigmatizes them for having abortions; this culture that reduces women and girls to sexualized objects while denying their full multi-dimensional humanity (including their right-as one essential part of this-to explore and experience mutually respectful and fulfilling sexuality without shame or stigma).

    * RESIST THE CULTURE OF RAPE AND PORNOGRAPHY- Join in protest against the celebration of, and profit in, the degradation of women and the trade in women’s flesh.

    * STAND UP FOR ABORTION RIGHTS-Fetuses are not babies. Women are not incubators. Abortion is not murder.

    [[Our purpose is NOT to lobby for new legislation to ban pornography (“decency laws” have always served to further repress homosexuality, boundary-challenging art, and scientific sex education). We oppose the criminalization of women in the sex industry. Our mission is to challenge the new generation in particular to reject this culture of rape and pornography, to resist the shaming of women who have sex and/or abortions, to wage fierce cultural and political resistance to wake others up, and to bring forward a liberating culture that celebrates the full equality and liberation of women.]]

    would be great to hear from you

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