Link Roundup

Until I get some new content up, I’d recommend you all check out these wonderful posts on other feminist blogs. I think you will find them very useful in furthering your own understanding of feminism, and combating some common defenses/red herrings of hardcore porn.

“If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.”

“Even if I somehow manage to avoid ever seeing porn, it is expected that I dress like a porn star, wax like a porn star, perform in bed like a porn star, and fully embrace all of my partner’s porn-fueled fantasies. I am told that if I don’t perform to his demands I will be cheated on, dumped, abused, and it will all be my fault. I am told that if I refuse to date men who who use porn I will be alone or at best am a controlling bitch and will probably be lied to anyways.”

Men explain why they like porn, so we don’t have to!

“I can’t imagine anything more unerotic that porn approved by sour faced feminists.
What makes porn exciting is the transgressive nature of the acts portrayed – the abuse and degradation that women seem to be happy to endure for money.
We watch porn to live out the fantasies that we cannot actualise.
Does it degrade women? Of course but not much more than conventional work does.”

Transactional Models of Sexuality are Anti-Sex

“Sex is pleasurable. And you can’t really argue that nature doesn’t actively encourage hedonism, even if it is tempered by empathy. Ergo, women have an interest in sex in their own right: because done right, it feels good. There is no reason for men to try to bribe women into sex—and in fact, a bribe implies that consent is not genuine.”

But, you’re erasing feminist porn!

Let’s get some perspective here, huh? When someone spends 99% of their time defending .0000001% of an industry while avoiding confronting the 99.9999999% of the industry that has real effects on women’s lives, that person looks a bit delusional/defensive/dishonest. Let it go, dude. Admit that you know porn is bad for women and you use it, participate in it, or profit from it anyway. You aren’t fooling anyone here, and I doubt that you’re even fooling yourself.

P.S. I added a few new links! Check them out:

Anti-Porn Tumblr – Lots of powerful quotes collected here.

Brave Lucky

Buried Alive

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