That’s not feminism. – Part 2

In the previous post, I showed you a pretty appalling comment ‘Hookset” left in reply to a woman who was trafficked for 13 years. Here’s a recap:

Here’s the deal though, not one man would ever support human trafficking. We oppose more than anything else!! This article is completely slanted towards Women’s Equality groups trying to bash men as a whole. We all know the problems in this industry and we know that the biggest is it’s not legalized and kept on the black market for foul play like you’ve unfortunately experienced. They don’t get the solution is to legalize and control it and want to do nothing but keep it illegal. They are offering no solution at all other than saying men should change their way which is complete “garbage”. Men would protect and make this industry safer than it’s ever been if it wasn’t for the hard liners using your “plight” as the propaganda to gain equality. Go through posts below and you will many other workers who are here by choice and are not “exploited” one bit. Trust me, you’ll get more sympathy from me than these crass ladies below and who wrote this article.

First, I’m going to detail the problems in this comment, piece by piece. He says not one man would ever support human trafficking, and yet it is men who force women into sex slavery, and men who rape those women because they can’t tell the difference between a “happy hooker” and a trafficking victim. Or more likely, they can tell the difference and don’t care. It is abundantly clear that Hookset is delusional, and he also seems to have a narcissist complex common to many punters, as you will see later on.

He hilariously goes on to say the article is biased towards Women’s Equality groups, as if that’s something to be ashamed of, and proceeds to explain to her about how the biggest problem is criminalization which seems to be a bona fide fact in Hookset’s universe. Note how he says radical feminists are using her plight, which he put in quotation marks, because he takes her experiences very seriously. He dismisses her perspective and instructs her to instead peruse the comments of more pleasant sex workers. This is yet another example of men using the “positive” women to silence those women who dare express anything “negative”, and is something sex-positives need to acknowledge as a problem.  Are you allies to women? Put your money where your mouth is. Not one sex worker or sex-positive feminist called Hookset out for patronizing a trafficking victim.  Not one.


Update 8/05/11: I’ve been working on this piece for a while, but unfortunately the original comments of the article have since been deleted, so I can’t continue… Damn my procrastination! If anyone knows how to retrieve a copy of the web page from a few days ago, contact me! There’s so much more that still needs to be covered.

One response to “That’s not feminism. – Part 2

  • womononajourney

    Yes, I recall seeing this comment on the Newsweek article. It’s absurd to say no man would support human trafficking because obviously women (and children and occasionally other men) are trafficked for the purposes of prostitution. In fact, there are men that actually *prefer* the women they buy for sex NOT to speak English.

    Another survey has shown that nearly half of men going to visit a women for sex/abuse purposes agreed to have sex with the woman even when told she was underage. That’s statutory rape, people!!!

    (BTW, I can’t believe Newsweek took down the comments! Do you know if they’ve printed any letters they received re: the article? I looked a week or so ago and couldn’t find any).

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