I have been avoiding porn for the past three months. I just went on youporn.com for the first time in awhile, and perused some of the videos as well as their comments. People know that porn has gotten more extreme over the years, but it seems that the past three months have seen a noticeable increase in misogyny – in male consumers’ perception of women, as opposed to just the content of pornography. Accusations that anti-porn feminists pick and choose examples of the extreme fringes of pornography become laughable as I stare at a particularly brutal advertisement for Brazzers on the front page of YouPorn. I saved it for posterity, and will write more soon.

6 responses to “Well….

  • womononajourney


    I have noticed that when I take a break from watching mainstream media, I tend to feel a lot better, and then when I see a tv show or film, sometimes after months, I notice how horribly misogynist it is. I wonder if that is at play here?

    Those women not in the “porn world” really have no idea how bad porn is. That’s why I think movies such as The Price of Pleasure, as painful as they are to watch, are a good idea.

  • elkballet

    I always forget how horrific these videos are until I revisit them to remind myself. Occasionally I’ll be writing my posts and talking about the misogyny and think, “wait this sounds over the top. I must be exaggerating.” Then I go to youporn or what have you and realize, “no I’m not exaggerating, no I’m not being crazy.

    I almost vomited the first time I saw The Price of Pleasure. It should be required as part of sex ed.

  • womononajourney

    Wow, that’s a great suggestion–making it part of the sex ed curriculum. It’d just be hard to do in the U.S. where there are strict laws about not viewing porn if you’re under 18–even though we know kids are viewing it at younger and younger ages.

  • elkballet

    They could always show the edited version, that was plenty horrible enough. I’ve never even seen the unedited and it still made me sick and sad.

  • kurukurushoujo

    I want to do (it’s not decided if I will end up doing it though) a reception study on the effects of pornography on attitudes towards women. I can’t do a longitudinal design because it’s only my bachelor’s and you obviously don’t get institute backing for this. So I asked about how I could integrate pornographic media into my study and I was told that there were ethical considerations. You know I might be crazy but if porn is that harmless why do you need to consider how ethical showing it to mature individuals is? And we weren’t talking about the performers- you can get permission from them or the production company (not likely). And it’s par for the course that warnings are given out before the questionnaire begins.

    (Oh yeah, if my plan doesn’t work out I’ll do a content analysis in historical perspective or something like that. *thinks*)

  • womononajourney

    Yeah, I have heard it’s hard to get funding for studies on porn simply because there is overwhelming research regarding the negative effects of viewing it.

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