Where is the respect?

I came across this video of porn star Eva Angelina at Expo Sex & Entertainment Mexico 2007, the Mexican equivalent of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo(AEE). For those who are not familiar with her, Angelina was one of the most popular and successful women in the industry in the past four years. She was the recipient of four AVN awards, but recently retired from the business.

Trigger warning – this post contains violent sexual language, sexual assault, and various horrible things.

From 0:54 onwards, she is giving an interview in which she talks about her experiences in the porn industry as well as her childhood. Angelina tells of some disconcerting facts such as getting wrapped up in drugs and that she started filming herself having sex at the age of 14. She also reveals that her mother suffered from mental illness and her boyfriend committed suicide. Unfortunately, a history of drugs or mental illness isn’t uncommon among porn stars, but that wasn’t what this post is about. Angelina expressed interest in writing a memoir, at the urging of her friends who described her life as being very interesting. One commenter had this to say about her potential endeavor:

“that book would be like : ya this one day i sucked a fat cock and this other day i got double teamed by two fat cocks and then i got fucked until my ass went numb for christmas i got to suck santas big fat fuckin dick and the day after i sucked another fat cock thats basically my life story (then it would have like a fact thing about the book in the back of it) facts on eva: sucked dick since 12 and also sucked over 38 dicks while making this book” (Because porn stars are not people with lives and hobbies, they can only be a set of holes for men to use.)

The top voted comments for this video are not much better:

“haha looks fade and her pussy cant stay tight forever but w/e might as well enjoy her until she becomes a total washed up whore”

“please honey no one cares about your life story…now take this cock and make it disappear..holla!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“she looks better with a cock in her mouth”

“I read Eva Angelina’s blog thing, I forget where. It was a random posting on some site. But she’s fucking insane. I would love meet her.”

“I did some research into the suicide rate of female porn stars, its shocking how many have done themselves in. I went to the same school as Hannah Harper, pretty crazy when you see her brother in town, I wonder what he thinks about his mates seeing his sister with all those cocks in her ass. I would die of shame.” (This woman committed suicide, and all he cares about is how ashamed her brother would be.. Anyone wanna bet on whether this guy watches said videos anyway?)

“I love sick porn girls.”

“Eva Angelina is really cute,but I agree it is shameful to be the parent,boyfriend,sibling of a pornstar.I would also die of shame.” (Again, these guys look down on the women in porn, but still watch them getting degraded. Acting in it is shameful, but masturbating to it isn’t.)

“I hope she can stay in the industry in a capacity where she wont have to drink sperm and be urinated upon on camera, Like a directing role for G/G movies or just a makeup consultant. It’s fun to watch hardcore sex but it is a degrading environment.”

“Yeah, but how about her asshole?! Man, there’s more pink in that thing than a case of Bubble Yum. And the diameter on that thing is like the size of a tea saucer. She’s an absolute gem, and I too hope she remains in the industry. I just hope she’s able to keep inhaling cocks with her current rate of enthusiasm. Longevity is a rare commodity in this sordid industry.”

“I like seeing her get violated” (5 thumbs up, by the way)

“yeah, its a fact that most pornstars have an IQ of 23”

“Do you think she became a pornstar because her daddy told her to do so? lol, she’s dumb as fuck”

“She started having sex at 13…Sad, this is the life of most porn stars though” (But masturbating to gonzo porn at 13 is not sad?)

“dude she’s fuckin smart like wayyy smarter than me for example. she knows how to bong a beer faster than the average bear n shit” (A compliment..maybe?)

“Does anyone really think there aren’t millions of girls just as dumb as any porn star? Plus they’re all uptight about sex to boot…

Also, why is her story so sad? Clearly she’s always been more sexual than normal, and she managed to turn it into a successful career. It’s not like her life is affecting you.”

“is this at a MEXICAN adult sex expo? lol. how sad.” (?????)

“she wont know you are banging her eather shes so loose from all the porno”

“I wonder if she ever feels a little fat”

“She IS fat. FAT”

“home video when she was 14! is it online???”

“Ya sure, your life is interesting. Laying on your back with your ankels behind your ears. ENTHRALLING. Theres a war in the middle east!!! Fucking waiste.”

“Well, porn is a job. It’s a lot better than going out and raping someone without their consent, in less safe conditions. Besides, some pornstars – such as Tera Patrick for example – have gone on to lead their own distribution companies, and are now multi-millionaires.”  (Wait, what??)

“I love pornstars, they are so messed up mentally, just like me”

“poor washed up whore 😦

but hey i’m not complaining”  (Wink, wink. Get it?)

And as a bonus, a comment on this video of a woman doing a striptease:

“This stripper is defective. Where can I buy one that strips like it should? =D” (Women are objects. Just kidding!….but not really.)

The same guy also commented on a video of police officers groping and photographing a drunk woman in the police station:

“She was waiting for a ride. She REALLY should have gotten one….from 3 guys lol XD


And I will end the post with this gem from the same video.

“Sir, that was not sexual assault. That was Reality Pornography.”

8 responses to “Where is the respect?

  • kurukurushoujo

    You could prove male porn consumer’s hatred of the women whose prostitution they jack off to just by analyzing the comments: “Porn business is bad for women and they suffer and are violated but it gets my dick hard, HUZZAH!”
    I bet it’s even worse on free porn sites. Once I read a comment saying that a clip depicted something “almost like rape” (paraphrasing) because of the legal grey zone when it comes to the “casting” of porn performers (no standards for the employment procedure). Rape obviously made it totally sexy…

    “Well, porn is a job. It’s a lot better than going out and raping someone without their consent, in less safe conditions. Besides, some pornstars – such as Tera Patrick for example – have gone on to lead their own distribution companies, and are now multi-millionaires.” (Wait, what??)

    You wish you knew where these infos come from… But even if it was true this resembles the careers of some ex-prostitutes who become pimps because they want to directly profit for once (pimping earns more with much less risk taken) or don’t see any other way to earn their money- absolutely not something to be celebrated. I once read the words of a woman who managed- I think- an S/M dungeon and was completely anti-sex-industry- however, she said there was no other way for her to exist. She also said, a lightblub moment for me, that men would really like to make their wives and girlfriends into “whores” and that in her opinion the legalization of the buying of prostitutes was a component of the “whorification” of society- to make every woman into a sexually available object. She even wrote a book but it’s in German so I can’t recommed it (and I forgot her name! :/).

    • No Sugarcoating

      Yes, it is worse on free porn sites. I wasn’t aware of how rampant misogyny is until I actually listened to what men said when they thought women weren’t around. It’s just sad that the sex-pozzies don’t seem to know this is how the male consumers think of them (and sex, in general)..or maybe they just think it’s not that widespread? Or maybe they don’t care as long they’re making money. I don’t know. I agree with you about the comparison to prostitution. What these guys are basically saying is, “Hey, acting in porn isn’t that bad! Doing that may lead to a job where you don’t have to act in porn!” and they don’t realize how they’re proving our points. It’s remarkably stupid, actually. What I didn’t understand about that comment is how being a female actress in porn is an alternative to going out and raping someone. I mean…I could almost understand if he was talking about the male actors, but otherwise it made absolutely no sense. And I don’t think any of these guys think there’s anything shameful about men acting in porn. They’d probably brag about it if a brother/son/father was a porn star.

      If you do remember that woman’s name, I would love to read that book sometime. I speak German, although I am not quite fluent yet!

  • Lori Adorable

    I also do porn. I am also mentally ill. I also had a horrendous childhood. In fact, a lot of details of this woman’s life are similar to mine.

    I also write a blog, and I get a lot of respectful comments.

    If you want this woman to be able to gain more respect, why would you marginalize her choices by implying they’re invalid due to her abuse, mental illness, etc.? Why wouldn’t you try to interview her instead of talking about her like she’s some rhetorical point for you to use? Why not treat her with the respect you think she deserves?

    • No Sugarcoating

      It is not in my power nor is it my responsibility to make this woman “able” to get more respect. There is nothing she can do to get more respect from these men (since she is branded for life, in their eyes), and she shouldn’t have to. It is mens’ responsibility to change their attitudes, but that’s probably not going to happen since these attitudes benefit them so much. I don’t think her choice is invalid (and I never said anything of the kind), I just don’t think it’s a coincidence that so many women in porn have this background. Do you honestly think it’s a coincidence? As for why I wouldn’t try to interview her…exactly how would I go about doing that? Why would she give a small time blogger like me the time of day, even if I somehow found her contact details? Eva Angelina is not small time, and she is also retired at the moment. It’s very unrealistic to suggest that I speak to her. And I’m not sure there would be any point in interviewing her for a post such as this. She can’t tell me what those men think.

      As for me treating her with respect…exactly what have I done to disrespect her? Is just writing about her, linking to an interview where she actually speaks for herself, disrespectful? Have I implied that she’s not a human being? Would you chastise those men calling her a washed up whore or is it just anti-porn feminists that you hold to this standard of respectfulness (that serves to also silence us)?

      “I also write a blog, and I get a lot of respectful comments.”

      Oh, come on. Have you considered they may be sucking up? Lying? Or even just trying to get laid? Misogynist men have a pathetic history of sucking up to sex-positive/pro-porn/pro-prostitution feminists, because their work ends up benefiting those men (and they can claim feminism when they get called out for objectifying or degrading women).They say one thing to your face and something entirely different when there are no women around. Even in ANTI-porn circles, there are some totally disingenuous guys who act like they’re about women’s rights, when really they’re just insecure men who think women in porn are “ruined whores”. I found one yesterday posting very two-faced comments all over youtube. And I would also like to note that these men that were saying those things about Eva Angelina are the same guys who will go to conventions and wax lyrical about how they ~love~ her work.

      • Lori Adorable

        This just makes me sad. It’s not even worth replying to.

        If you do ever want to have an honest conversation with me instead of talking over and around me, let me know.

      • No Sugarcoating

        Just can’t get me out of your head, huh Lori? If you ever want to have an honest conversation, my reply will be right here.

      • Lori Adorable

        It’s hard to get hate from “allies” out of your head. Hearing a ‘feminist’ spewing misogyny at me for my personal choices keeps me up at night. Which is why I need to walk away now.

      • No Sugarcoating

        If you’re referring to what I said about your blog, I stand by it. Men usually don’t become “feminist allies” unless there’s something in it for them. From the guys who enroll in Women’s Studies classes for the sole purpose of getting laid all the way to the Larry Flynts who support sex-positives. I did not spew misogyny at you for your personal choices. I haven’t made any sort of judgement about anything you have done. Frankly, I don’t care. I don’t care what anyone does, as long as they’re not hurting anybody. But why do you care so much about what I or anyone else thinks of you/your choices anyway?

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