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I will go ahead and copy and paste the text from the “about” page to start things off:

This is a blog analyzing topics including, but not limited to,  pornography, prostitution, and sexism in the media. It features in-depth critiques as well as compilations of anecdotes on various types of misogyny. There will be graphic descriptions of sexual acts that some may find disturbing. The entire site has a trigger warning, but I will still include one at the beginning of posts when necessary, as a reminder. Comments from gay, bisexual, and heterosexual men who would like to speak of sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of men and how this changed their understanding of patriarchy are welcome, but do not expect these to take precedence over women’s experiences. This is a feminist space, and the female perspective is the most important here..

This is NOT a place where it is okay to turn discussions about the oppression of women into discussions about the oppression of men. “Debate” tactics such as, “but men also have problems” and “that’s a generalization” are not welcome. Refute the point or don’t, but do not skirt around the issue. (That goes for everyone, women included)

All women are invited to share their opinions, but if you are a man, you should have an understanding of the basics of feminism before you participate. Finally Feminism 101, which you can find in a link to on the right, would be a fantastic place to start. Most of your questions about feminist terminology and concepts will be answered there and it will save everyone involved a lot of effort if you take the time to go through that site.

If your comment is not posted, it’s because you are being an asshole, not because you hold an opposing viewpoint. I welcome thoughtful debate. As the inevitable stupid comments roll in, I will post examples of the kind of stuff that will not be approved.  Changes to the comment policy will be added as needed. If you would like to link to this blog, by all means, go ahead!